Furbuster Deshedding Tool Review

Deshedding tool is absolutely necessary instrument for pet lovers who want their dogs to look healthy, happy and the fur to look beautiful and tidy. Deshedding process has never been so pleasant both for your pet and for yourself like with the new Furbuster deshedding tool. Furbuster is the product of the Bamboo brand which is well-known for its innovative solutions in pet care world. Shedding is a natural process of the hairy pets, which cannot be avoided, but you can forget about the disappointments connected with the pet’s hair spreading all over the carpet or the back seats of the cars with the help of the specially created for your dog deshedding tool. Actually this deshedding tool is absolutely universal and may be perfect for the pet lovers who have plenty of cats and dogs at home. You just have to buy one deshedding tool and different types of blades.

The new Furbuster tool will remove as much loose hair as possible effectively and carefully. Don’t be upset if some other deshedding tools did not work. This tool will work for sure. According to the customer reviews Furbuster deshedding tool removed the big amount of loose hair, absolutely painlessly. It made both the dogs and the owner happy. Furbuster is comparatively cheap tool; it is quite simple in using. Edges and brush head may be easily changed according to the length and the type of the dog’s hair. The handle is designed in the way that your wrist will not become tired quickly. Some of the customer reviews report that this tool removed the overcoat hair so effectively that in the summer time the long-hairy dog was quite chilled when swimming, which is good, as most of the long-hair dogs with the large undercoat are overheated during the hot summer.

FurBuster Cat De-Shedding Tool

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The head of the tool is made of the stainless steel which removes loose hair without any problem. This deshedding tool is a perfect solution for the owners of many dogs of different types. In this case it is much cheaper to buy one tool and just change the heads when applied to dogs of different sizes and types of the hair. Many professional dog groomers also use Furbuster deshedding tool and prefer it to the other deshedders. There are three types of the blade heads available, which can easily be fixed to the handle unit. The blade for small dogs is only 2 inches wide. The new replacement blade will cost you around 10 USD. The medium size blade for this tool is 2,75 “ wide, it costs a bit more than 11 USD.

The tool itself weight is only 5,6 ounces, the size is 2,8×4,5×9 inches, which is perfect for everyday frequent use. You can take it with you for a walk with your dog. The price of the Furbuster deshedding tool with one blade attached is around 23 USD.