Deshedding Tool – the main thing you need to get rid of your pet’s loose hair

Deshedding tool is absolutely necessary instrument for pet lovers who want their domestic animals to look healthy, happy and the fur to look beautiful and tidy. Shedding process has never been so pleasant both for your pet and for yourself like with the new Furminator deshedding tool.

Furminator deshedding tools for different pets with the different hair types are one of the world top products in pet hair care segment. Shedding is a natural process of the hairy pets, which cannot be avoided. But you can forget about the disappointments connected with the pet’s hair spreading all over the carpet or the back seats of the cars. Deshedding tool is effectively fighting against hairballs, which may use vomiting among the cats, and it decreases the amount of useless shedding for more than 90%.

Deshedding tools for dogs

Furminator has invented the unique tool which is also applicable for the short hair dogs. It is a very delicate deshedding tool, which will not damage the skin or the outer hair of the dog. Both the long hair tools and the short hair ones have been designed by the animal lovers in the way that it may remove the useless amount of loose hair undercoat hair by going through the outer hair without damaging the skin or cutting it.

FURminator deShedding Tool

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Furminator has different deshedding solutions for dogs, cats and even some other small animals. The company even produces deshedding tools for removing the winter hair of the horses.

So, before you are planning to buy the deshedding tool for your lovely pet, you have to make sure which type of hair does it have. Of course extra hair and even the unpleasant dog smell are more typical for double coated dogs. If you have the breed of the dog which is the long hair one, you should buy the deshedding tool for the long hair dogs. Choosing the right tool is very important to avoid possible damaging and over deshedding. You should also choose the tool which will match the size of your dog. Furminator has invented different types of the tool edges for the short and long hair dogs.

FURminator Long Hair deShedding Tool for Large Dogs

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There are different types of deshedding tools for long hair dogs which are of the giant size, large size, medium size, and also for small and toy dogs.

Short hair edges are good for the dog whose hair is less long than 2 inches. The same like with long hair tools, there are different types of short hair ones, depending on the size of your dog. Fruminator produces five different types of short hair deshedding tools: for giant, large, medium, small, and toy dogs.

Deshedding tools for cats

Most of the cat owners know that their beloved pets start to heavily shed their hair every spring and autumn. The cats that live in-door all year round may be shedding during the whole year. Just imagine how much hair your cat may swallow if you don’t use any deshedding tool. For cats this may be dangerous for their health if you don’t use any deshedding tool, as the cat is swallowing the hairballs if she is not deshedded, which may cause the stomach problems, vomiting, loose of appetite of your pet. Furminator has taken care of your cat and has invented the tool for cats of different size and with different type of the hair. If your cat has the hair which is longer than 2 inches, than it definitely needs the long hair deshedding tool with the specially designed edges. You may also choose among the models for large and small cats.

FURminator Long Hair deShedding Tool for Large Cats

FURminator Long Hair deShedding Tool for Large CatsView The Website

Furminator company has produced the unique deshedding tools for the small animals like rabbits and ferrets. Those pretty creatures are self-shedding ones, like cats, and they swallow all the hair if you don’t use any deshedding tool. This may be dangerous for them. The edge of such tool is only 1.25” size and it removes the loose hair delicately and gently without damaging the pet’s skin.

Deshedding tools for horses

Some horse owners know that horse hair is very sticky and is so hard to be removed. Also, it is necessary to deshed the winter hair from the horse to make the coat look shiny and healthy. Furminator deshedding tool for horses may be used every day instead of all those brushed and other tools.

All deshedding tools manufactured by Furminator are highly recommended by veterinary doctors in many countries.